Ties speak about the person wearing it.

It is something, which valorises the suit, like the signature of a masterpiece.

The elegance of  “Giusto” ties is the result of the proportion between the length and the width. It must be soft and stiff at the same time, light to wear.

It is made by expert artisans, with carefully selected fabrics.

Even if worn all day, shirts need to feel comfortable.

Our shirts’ perfect wearability allows you to move freely. Every  “Giusto ” shirt is hand-made, with refined sewing techniques and with high quality fabrics.

Suits are every man’s business card, reflecting his personality and his status.

It must be comfortable, light, fashionable

“Giusto” suits  are made, according to the rules of the ancient Florentine tailoring school, using the modern production techniques.

The creation of a tailor made suit must respect some compulsory rules. In fact, the fabric needs to be dampened, then rest after being manufactured, and finally sewn and ironed, in order to obtain top-quality items.